6 Explosive Exercises to Show You How to Get Massive Strength in Your Back!

Published: 15th January 2010
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These 6 explosive exercises will not only build your back but enable you to develop significantly more power and strength in just a few workouts.

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The key to how to get massive strength in your back is to use fundamental core exercises and then add some variation to them. In order to show you how to do this, I am going to present some familiar exercises to you that you will perform and then immediately once you have completed this, you will go back and do them again, but this time with some variation.

The exercises will be pull ups, bent over dumbbell rows and bent over dumbbell flys. These exercises are to be done in a circuit with no breaks or as few breaks as possible. Complete the circuit then take a 2 to 4 minutes break and repeat the circuit. Complete the circuit 3 times to complete the workout.

Exercise 1: Pull Ups

10 Reps

Exercise 2: Incline Bench Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

10 Reps

Exercise 3: Bent Over Single Dumbbell Fly's

10 Reps

Exercise 4: Towel Pull Ups

10 Reps

Exercise 5: Straight Bench Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

10 Reps

Exercise 6: Bent Over Dumbbell Fly's

10 Reps

These are core exercises that you are probably pretty familiar with but after the first 3 exercises, we throw in some variations. The towel pull ups add some added difficulty as your grip is not as good and therefore you are able to focus on improving that aspect of your training.

How to get more strength in your back involves getting all your body parts working together in a smoother, more coordinate fashion. This workout is therefore comprised of compound movements (movements requiring other muscles other than back) that enables you to work on that coordination and bring those lagging body parts up.

How to get more strength in your back also involves building your muscular endurance and therefore there is added benefit in the circuit training and moving from one exercise to another without little to no breaks. This is a challenging workout, so if you were not able to complete a circuit without a break, don't feel bad. Working out is all about improvement and that is what you need to focus on, not on what you didn't or can't do.

Following a good back workout program such as the one above, keeping a positive frame of mind and focusing on improvement is the best way how to get massive strength in your back!

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Frank Marconi has been working out for over ten years and specializes in circuit training workouts and nutrition in order to help people achieve that ripped, athletic and muscular look.

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